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With Accomplish Reading  students experience successful reading.


The Six Parts of Accomplish Reading

  • Does it Make Sense?

  • Do They Have the Same Meaning?

  • A Sentence and a Paragraph

  • The Disappearing Title

  • The Disappearing Paragraph

  • Does the Underlined Sentence Make Sense?

Developed by Jane Offutt, Ph.D. Reading Specialist Jane Offutt holds a Ph.D. from the Dept. of Learning and Instruction at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. In her dissertation "Activating Children's Metacognitive Reading Processes," she investigated how "Accomplish Reading" induces comprehension monitoring, a metacognitive reading strategy. Students in the study who used "Accomplish Reading" scored significantly higher on a standardized test of reading comprehension compared to students who used traditional reading exercises.

 Accomplish Reading is a Reading App that students can work on independently. The interactive program provides students practice relying on what they already know (schemata) and summarizing (parsing) information. They also practice deliberate (not impulsive) responding. They learn to better comprehend paragraphs with Science and Social Studies information.

Accomplish Reading is available at the App Store for $3.99. To order, click on the button below. It's also available to educational institutions for a reduced fee.


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